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Simon and Helen Main
village ceramics
North Yorkshire
01904 411444
VAT No. GB 177 2989 49

Welcome to village ceramics

First you "take a fancy" to something you see ... then it starts talking to you ...

Ceramics was our first love.

In a hand thrown vase you can feel the fingers of the potter ribbed into the surface from when it was created on the wheel ... another piece will exhibit the painstaking brushwork of the decorator ... in some pieces the artist has carved or stamped their moniker, proud to proclaim "this is my work", whilst other pieces silently name their creator just by virtue of their design.

All pieces bring with them a secret of their history. We know you were made (sometimes) hundreds of years ago ... but who bought you? ... where have you been? ... who else has held and loved you? ... how have you survived the intervening history? ... what stories could you tell? ...



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