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Gift vouchers

Sometimes it's hard to know what to buy somebody close to you - maybe to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, or simply to say "thank you".  At other times, you want to buy a friend or relation a lovely present, but you're not quite sure what their taste is, or which particular items of a collection they're still looking for!

The perfect solution is to buy them a gift voucher.  Our vouchers can be bought for any value you wish (whole pounds only, please, no pence!), and are redeemable against any of the products in the village.  One thing to remember is that we can't give "change" on a voucher, so you may want to buy several small-value vouchers rather than one for the full amount you want to pay.

So - for example - if you want to give someone a gift to the value of £50, you could buy one £50 voucher or five £10 vouchers.  Once you've placed your order, we will send you a voucher code (or codes, if applicfable), which you can pass on to the recipient.

Simple!  Please buy your gift vouchers here.

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