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Narissa Mather

Narissa Mather graduated from Wolverhampton in 1994 with a BA Hons in Three Dimensional Design.

Narissa uses traditional siversmithing techniques, forging and raising to create her pieces by hand. Encouraged by working with silversmith Michael Bolton, Narissa explored texture with experimentation in fusing silver, granulation and creating marks with hammers and burrs. She continues to do so to this day. Colour is added to her pieces through the use of natural precious and semi-precious stones that are all set with handmade rub over settings.

Narissa's work is often inspired by nature and influenced by design movements of the early 20th century. Her pieces also have a quirky element.  She often uses silver flatware, such as an old spoon, as an integral material which she then completely transforms into a beautiful piece of jewellery.
Narissa has been awarded The Oxford University Gold Medal for best Giftware. Her commissions have included producing awards for the Giftware Association and a commemorative piece for Sir Christopher Harding. Narissa also designed and made a range of jewellery for The National Portrait Gallery based on elements of the collection.

Narissa's work has been featured in various publications including Home and Antiques and books by New Holland.


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