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Walther Glas has always been a family concern since it was started in 1865 in Ottendorf-Okrilla (Saxony) by August Walther. The company was initially called Walther und Sohne. In 1932 however Walther merged with the Saxonian Glass company and became “Saxonian Glass Factory August Walther & Sons AG”, or “Saschsische Glasfabrik August Walther and Sohne AG”. In 1933 production moved to Schwepnitz.

From roughly 1930-1940 they were one of the best known producers of stylish pressed glass items. Their main focus was the production of bowls, vases and figurines in the art deco style, but they also made glass pendules, lamps and table sets.

After worldwar II the company was nationalized and became VEB Sachsenglas. They continued producing pressed glass items, still including the famous art deco designs in their portfolio. In 1972 a new fully automated factory was built, which is still in production today. In 2006 the company acquired Glasax (Schwepnitz). In 2007 they also took over Inn Crystal (Austria).

Today Walther Glas operates internationally as one of the larger producers of glass items and goblets. It operates under the supervision of Volker Walther, the 6th generation of the Walther family. The company employes around 650 people and has 3 factories in Siebenstern, Schwepnitz and Braunau..    

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