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The history of porcelain production in Sitzendorf is hardly a straight-forward tale.  The first porcelain factory in Sitzendorf was established by Georg Heinrich Macheleidt in 1760, under the commission of prince Johann Friedrich of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt. 

In 1762 the factory was moved to Volkstedt by order of the prince.  A second factory was opened by Wilhelm Liebmann in 1850, destroyed by a fire eight years later, and built up again in the following year.  In 1884 the Sitzendorf porcelain factory, under the chairmanship of Alfred and Carl Wilhelm Voigt, began the production of lace "Dresden style" figurines.  In 1890 another branch of the factory was opened in Unterweissbach, producing similar high-quality porcelain figures and figural groups.

Throughout these periods, there existed two principal styles of Sitzendorf Porcelain Marks. Despite continual economic hardship fuelled by wars and world economic depressions, and the failure of the Unterweissbach factory in 1928, the Sitzendorf porcelain factory continues to operate to this day.


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