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In the early 1970s, John Beusmans set up Carn Pottrey in the village of Nancledra, Cornwall.  John, originally a Hampshire man, moved to Cornwall with his parents - who, incidentally, made lampshades for Troika lamps.

John is multi-skilled; he does the work of thrower, mould-maker and decorator, and works with one helper.  His pieces are always instantly recognisable.  He has a great affinity with shape and some of his pieces change from one size and shape at the front to another at the back.

The distinctive colouring is produced by applying copper oxide and copper mixed with cobalt.

Drawing inspiration for his numerous shapes and designs from the natural environment of Cornwall, Beusmans has over the years produced an extensive range of items.  Although these are predominately vases, their variety in shape, form and design have all the ingredients needed for successful and enjoyable collecting.  This becomes apparent when viewing collections of Carn pottery, when the myriad combinations of shapes and designs can be observed and appreciated.

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