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Bronté Porcelain

Bronté Porcelain was founded in 1996 by a committed group of artists, craftspeople and skilled technicians.

Over the last twelve years they have gained recognition as a major manufacturer of fine bone china and are particularly well known for exceptional quality and detail. Bronté’s collection includes authentic sculptures of animals, intricate models of flora and fauna, hand painted plaques, highly detailed figurines and of course their famous candle snuffers (extinguishers).

Candle extinguishers were first introduced in England in 1830 as a safety device for smothering flames from burning candles by cutting off the air supply. The extinguishers, which were originally made from metals, eventually found their way to porcelain factories and were created by skilled artisans. The items, which soon became a popular art form, reflected life in Victorian society. Favourite subjects included monks, nuns, kings and queens.

In 2000, Bronté Porcelain entered into a partnership with Department 56, and launched the Candle Crown Collections line.  Each piece is carefully sculpted at Bronté Porcelain and then manufactured by Department 56.


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