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Ruth Foster

Ruth was born in Leeds in the sixties, attended Manchester University in the eighties, and has had various careers since, most recently working as an artist from her home studio in Holmfirth West Yorkshire.

Ruth is a fused glass artist working with vibrant colours to create sculptural and functional pieces. Each piece start as flat sheets of glass. These then go through the process of cutting, fusing and shaping, with pieces going in and out of the kiln many times until the finished piece emerges.

Ruth’s work revolves around her interest in designing coloured patterns and shapes which are then stretched by the flowing of the molten glass, creating individual pieces of artwork. She is influenced by natural colours and geometric shapes often found in nature.

Ruth has exhibited at Holmfirth art week, Saltaire’s makers’ fair and Art in the Pen, as well as creating bespoke pieces on commission.


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