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Heather Tabor

Heather was born in Zimbabwe in 1950 to a Dutch mother and English father, but came to England as a 6 month old baby.

After attending 11 different schools because her father was in the forces, Heather read English at Leicester University. She has had no formal art education … she has just sketched and painted all of her life.

In 2001 she moved to Kirkybymoorside, drawn by her love of the countryside, and it was here that she began to be fascinated by the colours and shapes of leaves. She now collects leaves while out walking, presses them, and then arranges them on fabric. The resulting design is then photographed and the leaves returned to their boxes – her “palette”.

Heather does not use any digital enhancement or alteration. The shapes and colours of the leaves are entirely natural, and still surprise her with their beauty.

Each framed picture is one of 30 limited edition numbered prints.

Heather died in 2019.


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