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Georges Grellet

Francois Joseph Georges Grellet was born on October 4th, 1869 in Tours located in the Loire Valley of France.
Grellet entered Boudoir (paintings for bedrooms) in its late period. His prints were widely distributed from 1923-1932. All his etchings were printed on high quality rag papers.

Grellet never included an edition notation, therefore we might assume from the state of the market in the twenties that roughly 350 copies were run from each plate.

Grellet worked in conjunction with the Paris distributorship of  l'Estampe Moderne, and each of his etchings bears a dated copyright declaration along their upper image edge. Before each picture was distributed, the lower margin of the sheet was embossed with the  'E M' seal of the  l'Estampe Moderne.  Usually a solitary reference number can be found in the lower left margin. They really don't follow any discernible pattern because they correspond to the private numbering systems of different retailers.
In 'Boudoir Art' we read: “Georges Grellet is a major Boudoir artist for several sound reasons. First, he was definitely a prominent and prolific force in the market for decorative French etchings. Also his images typify both the spirit and style of the Boudoir in their composition. He presents the epitome of the progressive twenties woman. His ladies are inquisitive, adventurous and hungry to squeeze the juice out of life, and yet they are deep and proud as well. There's a charming hesitancy behind their smouldering allure.”


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