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Fiona Calder

Fiona Calder studied art and jewellery design before going on to train as a graphic designer. Her life-long love of flowers grew from spending childhood summers in the colourful garden at her green-fingered grandparents' home in Leeds. Since then she has travelled all over the world drawing and photographing flowers and this led to her creating a range of stunning flower art prints and cards.

Fiona creates her beautiful artworks by using traditional art techniques such as paints, pastels, pencils or fine liner pen illustrations, alongside contemporary digital art.

She often employs a bit of artistic licence when it comes to her fanciful use of colour. Her talent for graphic design allows her freedom to experiment with composition and unusual effects, and it brings a unique and interesting dimension to her art. However, much as she enjoys the way that digital art can help bring her flowers to life, she always begins her creations with hand drawn elements, as she feels it is these contrasting techniques that really make her designs sing.

Fiona is also keen to dispel the myth that the use of digital art is somehow cheating! Unfortunately, because it is a relatively new way of producing artworks, some people are misinformed that all it involves is altering a photograph or some such. In fact, an enormous amount of work goes into the development of Fiona’s designs. Each element is created from scratch, and a huge amount of time, thought, talent and heart goes into each piece.

Fiona currently produces her art prints and cards from her studio in the heart of the city of York where she works in a bright and sunny room overlooking the city walls.

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