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Andrew Lambeth

Andrew was born in the 1970s, and was brought up in a West Yorkshire mining town when times were tough, but very family orientated. Andrew’s lifelong interest in art started sitting on his Grandad’s knee while he taught him to draw. He received a watercolour set for Christmas at an early age, and ever since painting has been in his blood.

Much of Andrew’s inspiration comes from personal experiences, and from artists such as Lowry, Hockney and Alexander Millar, alongside groups like the Pitmen Painters.

Andrew has recently been working on a series of works with the umbrella title “An evening in Monks Harris”. The series, that is set across a single evening in a fictional northern village in the 1970s, contain the bones of interwoven stories that allow the viewer to elaborate on.

“My parents worked extremely hard to put food on the table, and despite the difficulties of everyday life I have no memories of the stresses and strains that the family went through. We tend to look back with fondness, when in fact times could have been particularly tough. As a result I find how people selectively remember their past with rose tinted glasses intriguing, difficult times are forgotten and memories recanted with joy. And this is the inspiration for my series of paintings “An Evening in Monks Harris”.”

At first glance Andrew’s work appears to be an illustration that you would expect to see in a children's book, but on closer inspection the paintings reveal this not to be the case as each one has a darker side representing the toil of everyday life.

Andrew believes that something different can be taken from his work with each viewing, a different story created in the mind, and something new noticed.

Andrew has previously exhibited at various galleries across Yorkshire, and recently had a solo exhibition at the Traenerhus Gallery in Hull’s Old Town.


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